Six Reasons Desktops Are Better Gaming PCs

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Six Reasons Desktops Are Better Gaming Machines

Laptops may be the most popular type of computer, but if there is one area where the desktop truly shines, it is the world of gaming. Sure, there are some great gaming laptops out there, but nothing will ever be able to compete with a high powered gaming desktop. Don’t believe me?

Today, let’s take a look at six great reasons desktops are better gaming machines when compared to laptops. I think that when we are finished going through this list, you will agree that if you want to game on your computer, then using a desktop computer is definitely a much better option than a laptop.

What Desktops Can’t Do

Before we get to the list, I wanted to briefly talk about what desktops can’t do in the world of gaming. When it comes down to it, there is really only one thing that the laptop handles much better. That’s portability. If you want to game on the go, then a laptop is definitely the way to go. However, if you don’t want to game wherever you may go and you prefer to have the best overall gaming experience possible, then going with a desktop is definitely the answer. Of course, you do lose a little of the cool factor with a desktop. Desktops just aren’t as sexy as a cool looking laptop, but that doesn’t mean they don’t make the better computer option when you play video games.

Why Desktops Are Better Gaming Machines

Now that you know the one thing they can’t do, it’s time to take a closer look at why desktops are better gaming machines compared to laptops. While they may not have that cool factor, they definitely edge out the laptop in so many other ways that make them a better option if you enjoy playing games.

1. More Power

If there is one thing that games need, it is power. Out of everything you do on a computer today, games probably require the most power to run. That means that you need a high-end processor and a good graphics card to really enjoy your games the way they were meant to be enjoyed. Laptops today do come with high-end graphics and processors, but you will pay for them. At the same time, you can still get even more powerful hardware in a desktop.

For the best gaming experience, you want hardware that can keep up and run your games at the highest of resolutions. For the best experience, you should definitely grab a desktop. Desktops have the fastest processors available to them and the most powerful video cards. On top of that, the latest hardware always comes out for desktops first, before they make their way to laptops. If you want the latest and greatest hardware for your games that will provide the quickest processing and the very best graphics, then a desktop is definitely the way to go and a much better overall option for a quality gaming experience.

2. Better Keyboard and Mice

Now I know you can buy a keyboard and mouse for your laptop, but remember it doesn’t come with one out the box. They also aren’t designed for the longer cables, so you will have cables everywhere on your desk. Remember, your laptop and all its ports are just right there, but the cables for your keyboard and mouse are designed to reach a desktop that is sitting under your desk.

Even if you don’t buy one, your desktop will most likely come with a full sized keyboard and mouse that you can use. This is really nice if you are trying to save a little money. Of course, the keyboard and mouse that comes with your desktop will be pretty basic, but because they are full sized they will be much easier to use with your favorite games. Some of the fastest pace games require long stretches at your keyboard and mouse, so having a full sized one will not only be easier to control but also be much more comfortable for you over those long gaming stretches.

3. Bigger Monitors

This is another one that you can add to your laptop, assuming you have the ports on your laptop to connect it, that is. However, most desktops today come with a monitor that is around the 21-inch range, and they are widescreen as well. This means that even if the monitor features ultra-high resolution, everything will still be easy to read and use. On smaller screens, these high resolutions make everything too small to read for many of us, forcing you to strain just to see the text on the screen

While your gaming graphics will still look great across both desktops and laptops, it is the text that can suffer when monitors get too small. This is made worse by HD and 4K resolutions you find today. However, with a desktop, you will get a monitor that is big enough to make even the smallest text easy to read. This translates into better comfort when you aren’t playing your games and even a better gaming experience when you read text on the screen.

4. Better Comfort

If there is one thing that a desktop has, and will always have, it is better comfort. Think about it. The keyboards are full sized and many of them today even offer ergonomic accessories to help your hands and wrists. The mice are also full sized, meaning they will fit into your hand much better as well, and they are definitely more comfortable than a trackpad. At the same time, you get a full sized monitor to use so everything won’t be crammed into a small screen making it hard on your eyes.

A desktop has to be setup and run at a proper desk. That means that you have plenty of room for everything and even a nice, comfy chair to use while you are enjoying your favorite game. All of this translates into a setup that will protect your hands and wrists while helping you sit in the proper position while you use your computer. Add to that the improvement to your eyes as you won’t be looking at tiny text on a small screen, and you have a setup that will work well for longer stretches while keeping you much more comfortable while you play. You just can’t get that without a lot of extras and addons when you use a laptop.

5. Improved Upgrades

With each new game that comes out, hardware requirements are pushed further. Every year, the new games that are released require more powerful hardware. If you buy a laptop, you will be stuck with the hardware you bought. Sure, you can buy new RAM and hard drives, but you will be stuck with the video card and the processor that came with your laptop. Over time, this will begin to impact your gaming. You won’t be able to run the latest games at the highest settings and one day you could even find that you won’t be able to run the game at all. When that happens you have to buy a new laptop, but this isn’t the case with a desktop.

If you have a desktop, however, you have the freedom to upgrade whatever you want, whenever you want. This includes not just the RAM and hard drive, but also things that your games really use, such as your processor and your video card. Heck, you can even improve the sound to really ramp up your experience. Every component on your desktop can be upgraded, so you can stay with the times and always have the best hardware to power the latest games with ease.

6. Price

While a gaming machine is expensive, you will spend far less on a desktop than you will on a comparable laptop. Gaming laptops are some of the most expensive systems available today. While they are pretty sweet, you can get an even more powerful machine for the same price. Spend just a little more and you can end up with a machine that will totally destroy a gaming laptop. If you want to run your games on the very highest settings available today and you don’t want to break the bank doing it, then you definitely want to look at a desktop. I think you will be impressed at just how good your games will look when you invest in a high-quality gaming machine.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are many great reasons why a desktop is a much better option for playing games compared to a laptop. While they may not be as portable or quite as cool, they will definitely run your games better and with their expandability, you can always upgrade it to work with the latest video games available.

If you are on the hunt for a new gaming machine, I strongly suggest you consider a quality gaming desktop for your next machine. In the end, it will perform much better than a laptop and give you an overall better gaming experience when you play.

Do you prefer a laptop or a desktop PC for your games? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. I would love to hear if you agree, or disagree, with me.

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