Intel Takes On AMD With Their New Core X-Series CPUs

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Intel Takes On AMD With Their New Core X-Series CPUs
Intel has been hard at work developing their new premium range of processors, and at this year’s Computex Intel unveiled their Core X-Series range of high-end processors. Their decision to unveil this new breed of processors could have something to do with AMDs release of their powerful Ryzen processors earlier this year. Intel claims that these new CPUs are the most powerful and scalable desktop processors ever to be developed. There will be four versions of this new processor range and the most interesting of the four will be the super powerful Core i9 Extreme Edition processor, which will be the first consumer desktop processor with 18 cores.

In addition to the insanely powerful Extreme Edition processor, Intel will also release the Core i5 X Series, the Core i7 X Series and the Core i9 X Series. Intel say that these new processors are for advanced gamers, VR and for those serious about content creation. The initial release will see the following processors hitting the market; the Intel Core i9-7900X, the Intel Core i7-7820X, the Intel Core i7-7800X, the Intel Core i7-7740X and the Intel Core i5-7640X. However, the Extreme Edition will not be part of this initial release. Though we do have a price for this monster processor and you will have to dig extremely deep to afford the $1999 price tag. This will be double the price of the Intel Core i9-7900X which will still set you back $999. The most affordable of these processors will be the Quad Core Intel Core i5-7640X and this will have a much more affordable $242 price tag.

Core X-Series CPUs

Intel also plan on introducing the new Intel x299 chipset, which will add even more I/O and overclocking capabilities than the current high-end processors. Intel also said that they will be announcing updates to their Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0. Intel also mentioned that they will still release their 8th generation Coffee Lake processors in the future and early tests have shown an impressive 30% increase in performance over their Kaby Lake processors that are currently on the market.

These new processors will be a game changer for serious content creators and those hardcore gamers who are after the best possible experience while they crunch away the hours playing the hottest new games on the market. While we don’t expect to see prebuilt models flooding the market with these high-end processors, we are hoping to see some high-end gaming PCs featuring the three cheaper X Series processors.

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