Five Reasons Why I Stick With My Desktop

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Five Reasons Why I Stick With My Desktop

The desktop computer used to be the number one computer we all used. Laptops, at one time, were still new and couldn’t match the power of the desktop. At that point in time, they were reserved only for those people that absolutely had to have a laptop because they were on the road all the time. But times have changed. Today, more and more people choose laptops for both their home and work computers even if they don’t go anywhere.

Some have even begun to signal the ultimate demise of the desktop. But I’m here to tell you today that that simply is not the case and I don’t believe it will happen any time soon. In fact, while I do own a laptop, I am still sticking with my desktop as my primary computer and I don’t plan on making a complete switch anytime soon. Why do you ask? Let’s take a look at a few of the reasons why I have made this decision.

My Reasons for Going Desktop

Below you will find all of the main reasons I choose to stick with a desktop instead of making a full conversion to a laptop.

1. Comfort

This is probably the number one reason why I choose to stick with my desktop. I use a computer for long periods of time and when I write, I like to be comfortable when I do it. I don’t want to be hunkered over a small laptop screen to do it. I like to run my dual monitor setup and sit back and relax on a full-sized keyboard and mouse when I do it. You see, I find when I do that I get more done faster and even enjoy it more.

Now you could argue that you can do all that with a laptop today. Sure I can. But it often requires extra work just to get it setup. Sometimes you may need a docking station or you at the very least have to string a bunch of cables around to make it work on your desk. So why do I want to do all that when I can just stick with the desktop I have and do exactly what I want while being as comfortable as possible?

2. Power

Because of what I do for a living, my PC requirements are often very different from most users. I need a machine that is fast and features some of the latest hardware designed for the very best performance. I get that with my desktop. All the latest processors, video cards and new motherboard features always come to the desktop before they hit other markets, and I love being on the cutting edge when it comes to power.

So, it just makes sense for me to get a desktop, especially since I like to be first in the new hardware department. Sure, all of this hardware will make its way pretty quick to a laptop, but I want to have the power now. So I stick with my desktop.

3. Customization

If there is one thing you can definitely do on a desktop that a laptop can never hope to match, it is customization. From the power supply to the internal components and even the external case, I can adjust it all. In fact, it is kind of a hobby of mine really. I love tinkering with my desktop and changing parts out on a regular basis.

When I’m really on a customization kick, the side may even stay off of my desktop just because I’m constantly digging around in there. This also helps me out with number 2 as well, as it ensures I can upgrade to the most powerful components out there. It also means that I can do it a little at a time. Add a better sound card here, improve my video card there, top off the RAM one day, I can do whatever I want. I have the freedom to adjust my desktop as I want it, not as some manufacturer has said I should have it. I like that freedom and the ability to tinker with my machine however I want. Because of this, a desktop will always be my number 1 go to machine without fail.

4. Gaming and Graphics

I do a lot of graphic work on my desktop, and I do enjoy a PC game here and there. I used to be bigger into gaming than I am today, but I still love it and want to make sure my machine will handle any game that comes out for the PC platform. Because of my Photoshop work as well, I need to make sure my graphics are up to date to support some of the best features that Adobe has to offer.

The only way to get that and ensure I stay cutting edge is to go with a desktop. Every single laptop out there have weaker video cards, even the gaming laptops. Sure some of those gaming laptops are great and have really powerful video cards. But the true video card power lies in the desktop platform. I don’t care how much you love your gaming laptop, you cannot deny this fact. If you want the best of the best and you want to be able to upgrade that card later, then you just have to go with a desktop. There is no escaping it.

5. Price

I admit I probably spend more than the average consumer on computers, after all it is what I do. Still, price matters to me, and it matters even more to most consumers out there. A desktop computer is far cheaper than a laptop for the same level of power. Just do a little checking and you can see for yourself. If you want to save money on your PC expenses, the best way you can do that is to buy a desktop. You will get a machine that is more powerful for much less money when compared to laptops out there.

Because of the customization options, you can also easily upgrade your system allowing to extend its life before you finally have to retire it for good. You can upgrade individual parts here and there to speed things up and make it last much longer. In the end that makes even more wallet friendly and something you shouldn’t discount when you are shopping for computers.

Others Who Love Desktops

I’m not alone in these feelings. In fact, you will find all kinds of people out there that prefer to use desktops instead of laptops. Most gamers are like me, preferring to get a high end system that they can tweak to their liking that is powerful enough to run even the most advanced games on the market. Another sector where desktops still shine is the business world. Businesses long ago recognized the value of a desktop over a laptop and often keep their users on desktops unless travel is required for them. The budget markets also like desktops because of their affordability.

As you can see, there are huge markets out there for the desktop still to this day and I don’t foresee this going away any time soon. Do you? I didn’t think so.

Bottom Line

I think I have made a pretty good pro desktop argument here today. What do you think? There are many markets where the desktop still outclasses the laptop today. Sure, you won’t find them in every home anymore as many consumers have made the switch to laptops, but you will still find them in many homes out there and businesses. If you know a passionate gamer, chances are they have one as well, unless they are trying to make the laptop switch.

While the desktop has lost ground in the market to laptops and even tablets, they aren’t going anywhere. They still have a ton of market share among specific niches of the market and so far nothing has really challenged their dominance in these markets. Could one day that happen? Sure. Anything is possible. But I don’t think it will happen anytime soon.

Have you been thinking about buying a desktop computer for your home or office? Don’t let the fact that it is a desktop get in your way. In the end you don’t necessarily need a laptop for your computer. If you travel, of course. But if your computer stays in one place, why pay more for less? Because that is really want you are doing if you choose to go with a laptop just because it looks sexier than a desktop.

Give a desktop a hard look, in the end if you don’t have to take it with you, I think you will be much happier with a desktop than you will if you choose to buy a laptop.

What are your thoughts? Do you think laptops will replace desktops or has their death already started? Let me know what you think about my arguments about why the desktop will continue or why they will soon be replace by something else.

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