Eight Reasons to Buy a Desktop

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Eight Reasons to Buy a Desktop

Laptops and tablets may be the “in” thing to buy these days, but that doesn’t mean they are really the best tool for the job. For a long time, many have predicted the end of the desktop computer as we know it, but the end is nowhere in sight. Why do you ask? It’s quite simple really. Sometimes, a desktop computer just makes more sense. At the same time, there are many reasons why you should be buying a desktop instead of a laptop or tablet.

Today, I wanted to focus again on eight reasons to buy a desktop, so you can all see that the desktop isn’t dead yet and there are still many reasons why you should be buying a desktop instead of a laptop. So shall we begin? Great! Check out this list below and I’m sure you will agree that there are still many reasons why you should buy a desktop for your next computer instead of one of the more “trendy” options out there.

1. More Affordable

All you have to do is spend about five minutes browsing the web for new systems and you will realize how much you will save when you buy a desktop over a laptop. The fact is, you pay a premium for portability. This is really evident in high end gaming systems. You can get way more for your money if you buy a desktop than you will if you buy a laptop. Sure, you won’t be able to take it with you wherever you go, but you will be able to play your games on the best settings or even run your intense productivity apps such as Creative Suite without much worry and without having to sink a ton of money into your system. If you want to save money, but still end up with a powerful system, you have to go desktop as these systems are still the best bang for your buck.

2. More Powerful than Laptops

Not only are desktops more affordable than laptops, they also pack into them some of the most powerful and most advanced hardware out there today. All the companies still make their processors, boards and video cards for desktops first, meaning you will have access to the latest hardware much faster if you use a desktop. Not only that, but because of the flexibility of a desktop, you will be able to perform the upgrades you need to stay current (see more about that below). If you are searching for the most powerful computer out there for advanced workplace applications or even gaming, look no further than a desktop. You will find the very best the hardware manufacturers have to offer available for you system and, chances are, they will be much more affordable than what comes out later for a laptop.

3. Better Screen Size and Flexibility

While you can add a monitor to a laptop, without a docking station it can be a pain and you may be limited on the type of monitor you can buy. This, of course, means an added cost if you are a laptop owner. However, if you use a desktop, especially one with a dedicated graphics card, chances are you will have access to multiple types of connectors that will allow you to connect a monitor of almost any size to it with ease. You may even be able to setup two or three monitors on your machine to give you even more room to work without having to worry about an expensive dock. If you want to run a giant monitor or multiple monitors, you will perform better on a desktop with more powerful graphics right out of the box without having to worry about buying adapters, docking stations or special monitors to get the job done with a laptop that is limited on its port connections.

4. Bigger, Better Hard Drives

Do you like to store a lot of media files on your system? Maybe you like to collect movies and television shows or maybe music is your thing. You could even be a budding photographer needing a place to store all of their shots from their latest photoshoot. Whatever the reason, you will need a large hard drive and you are going to want one that is fast and ready to hold whatever you want to store on it. While laptop drives have been getting larger, you will still find the largest drives available on a desktop computer. On top of that, because of their size, you will probably be able to install multiple drives to give you even more space. For this type of setup, I recommend a large SSD for all your applications and games, and then a traditional hard drive with tons of space to store all your files.

5. Your Posture Will Thank You

How many times have you found yourself hunched over your laptop trying to work or even play? I know I’m guilty of it. After long sessions of work and play on my laptop, my back may even end up hurting a bit. While that may say something more about my age than anything, no matter how old you are sitting hunched forward on your laptop is not good for you. If you want problems with your back and even your wrists, use a laptop for long periods of time. If you want something that is more comfortable to use, especially for those really long sessions in front of a computer, a desktop is the better option. With the right desk and chair, you will be able to sit comfortably for hours without putting a strain on your back and arms, and no matter how old you are, I’m living proof that this is a good thing.

6. Still the Best for Gaming

Because the hardware for a desktop PC is traditionally more powerful and cost effective, overall they are much better for gaming. The most powerful GPU’s are made for desktops today, and you have more room to add in as much RAM as you want on most units. That means that you can beef up your gaming system rather easily and add to it later if you want (just see below). You can easily connect large monitors to your system as well without having to invest in docks and, in most cases, adapters to connect them. Combine all this together and you end up with a machine that makes much more sense for gamers. Most serious gamers stick with desktops for their machines, and only run laptops when they need to hit the road but still want to squeeze in a little gaming here and there.

7. More Upgradeability

Most desktops come with cases that are very easy to get into, and many have a lot of extra room to add more stuff to it as you decide you want to upgrade or improve your desktop. With extra bays, you can easily add more hard drives or even an optical disc drive if you don’t already have one, and because it is easy to access things like the RAM, you can quickly upgrade your machine yourself. This makes upgrades much more cost effective as well. For example, say you have 4GB of RAM and you want to double that, all you have to do is open the case and pop in the new sticks of RAM. All total the upgrade process will take a novice about 15 minutes to do themselves. Compare that to a laptop, whose upgrade slots aren’t always that accessible and you will see why you will save money doing your upgrades.

8. Easier to Repair

Sometimes you have problems with your computer. In fact, all of us at one time or another will have to have our machines fixed. If failing hardware is to blame, you can bet that fixing a desktop will be much easier and much cheaper to do. That’s because you can source parts from almost anywhere and you won’t have to get something straight from your manufacturer as you do with a laptop. You may even be able to make the repairs yourself since the case is so easy to get into, and this could potentially save you a great deal of money since you won’t have to take it into the shop for repair. If you want to save money later on repairs if something bad does happen, then a desktop is definitely the way to go. You will get it repaired faster and cheaper compared to a laptop, and there is no denying this fact.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are still many great reasons to buy a desktop. When the time comes for you to buy a new computer, remember these reasons on this list and ask yourself if any of them apply to you. If you can tick off two or more of these reasons, a desktop may be the right choice for you. At the end of the day it’s about getting something that you need and can use on a daily basis, and like anything in life, you need the right tool for the job. My guess is that for many of you, a desktop will make more sense in the end. The key is making the right choice for you. If you are armed with the right information and knowledge, then you can make the right decision for your needs and usage.

Do you agree with these reasons I have listed above? Do you think I left something off this list? If so, sound off in the comments below and tell me your thoughts on why a desktop is the right choice. Heck, if you don’t agree, tell me why you think you shouldn’t buy a desktop. I would love to hear opinions on both sides of the fence.

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