Apple Mac Pro ME253LL/A Desktop

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  • Incredibly powerful specs
  • Stylish minimalist black metal design
  • Ample connectivity
  • Powerful rendering twin GPUs
  • Generous amount of RAM
  • Silent and cool performance


  • Expensive

Bottom Line

An incredibly powerful super computer by Apple designed for HD video editing, animation and other rendering tasks with Dual Fire Pro graphics and an Intel Xeon processor.

The Apple Mac Pro ME253LL/A is a bestselling 2013 workhorse desktop computer that received positive reviews for its stylish design, powerful intel Xeon E5 processor, 12GB of DDR3 1866 ECC Ram, its Dual AMD Fire Pro graphics cards and its ability to run even the most resource demanding of tasks. It also has 6 Thunderbolt ports and 4 USB 3 ports. The Mac Pro can support up to 3 displays running 4K HD resolution.  Reviewers were critical of all the ports being in the front of the machine as this can cause a tangle of cabling. Overall, if you can look past the premium price tag the Mac Pro ME253LL/A is a extremely powerful work horse that can be used for anything from gaming to 3D rendering and even bitcoin mining.

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Critic Reviews

  • 90
    TechRadar January 17, 2014

    Fresh ideas such as the unified thermal core and backlit expansion ports together with high-performance components combine to make the Mac Pro the ultimate high-end workhorse

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  • 90
    Cnet March 5, 2014

    The new Mac Pro is a professional workhorse dressed up in a very appealing high-design package. It's a stretch to say this is a computer for casual consumers, but the starting price isn't more than you'd pay for a similarly configured Windows PC and the radically different look and feel is cool enough to appeal to any design enthusiast who wants nothing but the best-looking, best-performing products.

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Graphics Amd Dual FirePro D300 [View Benchmarks]
Graphics Type Discrete
Graphics Memory 4GB GDDR 5
Operating System Apple Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite
Weight 13.8 lbs
Hard Drive 1 256 SSD
Connectivity Wireless AC with Bluetooth 4.0 |Thunderbolt 2 | USB 3.0
Audio Apple Core Audio
Webcam None
Dimension (LxWxH) 6.6 x 6.6 x 9.9
Warranty 1 year limited warranty

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