Desktop Tips

Unless you are a serious builder, chances are you haven’t spent much time thinking about your computer case.  However, for serious builders or even hobbyists, choosing the right computer case is an essential part of the build.  The computer case you choose will impact everything about your new build, from the type of motherboard you… Read more »

One of the most frequently ignored components of a good desktop is the power supply.  Many computer builders either mistakenly believe that more power equals better or some just ignore the power supply completely and just use whatever happens to come with their case.  Unfortunately, the power supply market is filled with manufacturers that use… Read more »

Microsoft Windows 10 is here and is reaching millions of millions devices already.  Now that it has been available for little bit of time, we are starting to see patterns of some very common problems cropping up before, during and after the installation.  While this is to be expected, it is important to know what… Read more »

If you have chosen a desktop as your computer of choice, chances are there was a reason for that choice.  One of the most common reasons that consumers choose to buy a desktop is because they want to play games.  While laptops today will play many of the games, you often have to invest a… Read more »

  For some time now industry experts have been predicting the demise of the desktop.  However, the desktop market has continued to chug happily along.  Sure, there have been less and less bought in recent years, due primarily to the economic slowdown and the mobile revolution, but desktops have still found a place both in… Read more »